The day sixth in twenty forteen.

It's finally 2014. 

I am too stunned for words for the past year that I was given the chance to live and breath yet again. I have non other to thank except You, Allah swt.

Thank you for the countless blessings and opportunities that have come my way. 

Thank you for loving and supportive family that is still here with me today. For their existence in life, and for the love and warmth they complete me with.

Thank you for le friends that I have met along the way. For the beautiful friendship we created.

Thank you for the test that You put upon me and my family. Even though sometimes I would fall, You were always there, bringing my family and I back up, making us a lot stronger than we ever were before.

Thank you for the health, the food on the table, the bed, the life far from le family, and the roof above my head.

Thank you, Allah.

Thank you.

You have given me too much, and sincerely from bottom of my heart, I have nothing more to wish You, besides to help me become a better Muslimah. That's all. Help me, guide me and stay be with me. Give me the strength. Aminn ya Rabbal alamin. 

Berubah itu mungkin mudah tapi istiqomah itu payah.

Alhamdulillah. Make we stay strong and keep seek help from Allah to guide our day.

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