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here. come AGAIN~
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | 1 Comments
hurm. kebusanan melanda. and NOW time to create my stury ;)
first: is about today~
merase keluar pada waktu MALAM. even just sbenta tp sgt bermakne.
hangout with rakan2 PARKSON ! tmpt saye menimba pengalaman semase bekerja.
tkpe. walaupun mcm2 happen tahon 2010 sepnjg saye bekerja tp bukan kah pengalaman hitu mematangkan seseorang. i do love to appreciate it ! pengalaman nanges. hihi. 1st time kot. malu.malu. hehe.
pengalaman orang memujuk. serve customer. ngee. mule rase tanggungjawab utk serve customer ngn baek. 
hope in the future i will get a return :) hope so~
and selain hitu bekerja pun sebb mncari kwn baru. cuci mate. and meet lagik ramai orang yg memacam ragam. cerewet. sporting. and many so.

my fren yang same.same menimba pengalaman:
[ nur asyikin ]
[deeban ]
[naveen kumar ]
[pui li ]
[fei yi ]
[tan ting wei]
[siti norsaliza ]
:)  ily so much kwns2 (:

parkson ! other pic will upload later :)

29.12.2010 10.45pm.


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